Our Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

Gerry’s the name and educating business owner’s to not be ashamed of their lack of understanding of their business’s financial health is my claim to fame.

I value learning and sharing my sometimes hard earned and learned work experiences.

I learned many years ago, not to buy into an authority’s belief (aka teacher) of my knowledge. Due to his inability to explain, in my language, the basic fundamentals of math, his advice was to stay far away from anything math related.

I chose not to accept this believe.

Now it is my role to educate business owner’s about their finances by sharing proven systems and strategies to free them to be wildly successful in their dream business.

My promise, as one of the Priority Business Solutions experts, is to process the business owner’s financial numbers, corralling them into pretty financial statement packages for review with the owner. A strong note of Priority’s foundation, is that the business owner will be educated on the content of their financial statements, and only then, will they be allowed to file this information into a dark dusty place.

I am a team player, mentor, devil’s advocate and educator, as I support clients on their journey to financial success.

My thirty years of experience in the finance and accounting fields has provided me the skills and experiences that will make your small business more successful and profitable. I know how hard small business owners work and how valuable your time is.

All of my clients, prior to working with me, believed they could do their own bookkeeping and accounting. Incomplete and inaccurate information will contribute to poor business decisions and lost money.

I work very hard at educating my clients. Continuous learning is critical to becoming a more successful business owner.

Adding Priority Business Solutions to your TEAM will give valuable time back to you to do what you are BEST at!

If you need to change how you are doing your bookkeeping and accounting, contact me.

Honesty. Integrity. Collaboration.