We Go The Extra Mile

Gerry joined a networking group and in her first meeting, she got her first referral! WOW!!!

It was to go to the rescue of a business owner whose past choices were…..unbeknownst to him and Gerry….. were not in his business’s best interest.

Gerry had her first accounting solution meeting. He needed to decide whether or not Gerry was the bookkeeper he wanted to trust and work with.  He adamantly believed that the past bookkeeper was the root cause of all of his problems and not at all sure if Gerry was going to be much better.

Let me insert here that originally it was his choice to set up his own books and save money by doing his own recordkeeping.

Our following meetings gave a new meaning to STRESS. The deeper Gerry dug, the more problems she found, with more problems, came more frustration as to what needed to be done. He had to make a choice to salvage and try to clean-up the books or start all over from scratch. Did she mention that by now the business was over a year old?

One morning as Gerry was rushing to get to his business, this little voice kept hammering at her.  She needed to do something to break the building tension between the owner and herself.

Into the business, Gerry went wearing her Super Cape (aka tablecloth) tied jauntily around her shoulders and a briefcase in hand. The employees and owner were speechless.


Making Sure You Know That We Work For You