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Health Spending Accounts: Hero of Small Business Benefits?

Husband and wife team Jane and John Smith own a profitable consulting business that they incorporated five years ago. While they, along with two other employees, take a salary out of the company, they do not have any other individual health benefits that many larger consulting firms offer employees. With traditional individual health benefits not […]

Should You Incorporate Your Small Business?

Is it better to incorporate or stay as a sole proprietor? Goodness – this is a question we hear every day. So, should you consider incorporating your business? Regardless of whether you’re just starting a business or transitioning from sole proprietor to a corporation, the road to incorporating is a very important process, with advantages […]

Do You Know What Your Bookkeeper Is Willing to Do for You?

When was the last time you sat down with your bookkeeper and had a conversation beyond receipts and profit loss statements? Are you utilizing your bookkeeper to their full potential, further enhancing your business and your working relationship? We’re talking about a working relationship built on trust, which only comes from having conversations beyond the […]