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“How much do you cost?” Why This Isn’t the First Question to Ask a Bookkeeper

Cost matters. But what’s more important is what value you’re receiving in exchange for that cost whether it be a product or service. Here’s the thing. When you start with “how much,” focusing only on the dollar and cents, you remove the value behind the service and make interactions purely transactional. And bookkeeping shouldn’t be […]


 We hear this question just about every day. Quite simply, for a record keeping system to be most useful, it should be simple to use, easy to understand, reliable, accurate, consistent and can provide you with the information on a timely basis.   There are three types of bookkeeping systems; (1) paper, (2) computerized bookkeeping, […]

The Bookkeeping Phone Conversation

PBS: Good Morning, Priority Business Solutions, Gerry speaking, how may I be of service to you?   Voice on other end:     Do you do bookkeeping? Do you have an accountant? Do you do personal taxes, corporate taxes?   PBS:     Yes, we offer all those services. How may I help you?   Voice:     How much do […]

Dividends vs Salary

Should I pay myself a salary from my corporation or should I take dividends? This is a frequent question that we get asked by our corporate clients. There is always a correct answer, although the correct answer is more about the business owner’s personal financial circumstances, long-term financial goals, and beliefs rather than a pure […]

Technical Difficulties Can Slow You Down

Sounds super easy – a prospective client approaches us for bookkeeping and accounting services.  We do the dance of negotiation and presto we are working together.  What could possibly go wrong? Priority Business Solutions is invited by the new client to be the Accountant in their QBO subscription taking over from a previous bookkeeper, the […]

The Red Track Suit

Have you seen the advertisements for “debt consolidation”?  You know the one, where the lady (man) has this “person” wearing a red tracksuit hanging off their back? As a business owner, your business could experience, this if you do not understand YOUR business’s Financial Statements (balance sheet and profit & loss report for starters). What […]

The Best Practice is a Fixed Priced Agreement

Ask your bookkeeper for a fixed price agreement. This requires your bookkeeper to look at your business, your problems and give you a customized annual quote specific to your business and its challenges. It will require your bookkeeper interview you prior to presenting the agreement. The quote should include consulting time so you have somewhere to go […]